"The evolution of my professional skills is based on continuous  learning from successes and failures, from people and from markets, day by day. I want to apply these skills to help find new ways to address problems in underserved markets."

In his first job in Sweden, working for a Government export promotion agency, the founder started to sell advisory services to corporations turning this part of a tax funded advisory service into a revenue generating consultancy.

Joining a leading Scandinavian banking institution, the founder set up innovative contract structures to help Swedish exporters get paid for their deliveries to countries with a shortage of convertible currencies. Together with his team, he developed a new IT system to digitalise and decentralise the handling of short term trade finance services. For the same bank, as the head of their Hong Kong branch, he restructured the operations twice and ended up winding up a large credit portfolio and turning the branch into a small representative office as a result of a decision to change the bank's international strategy.

Working for a Dutch bank in Central Europe, the founder introduced Cash Management as a core  customer acquisition and retention strategy, leading to the bank quadrupling profits and recieving awards as the best bank in cash management in the region. He also started an online banking business.

Working for a US Fortune 500 company, the founder made an overhaul of the go-to-market model in Europe. He developed a new distribution model with stronger focus on electronic channels and went from indirect distribution through intermediaries to direct distribution under own license and created an integrated and digitalized sales process, involving all functions from the front office through to the back end. As a result of these changes, the Region's growth went from flat to double digit in less than 5 years.

More recently he has co-founded two new businesses introducing innovative products to address the needs in underserved markets. An alternative investment fund with EUR 120m AuM currently, leading the way in revenue-based investment in Europe as well as a fintech offering an open platform for digital financial services in West Africa (exited 2022).